Grill-Center – Corporate Rebrand | Misc

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Corporate Rebrand | Web Design | Product Photography | Stationery Branding | Paper Bag Branding | Menu | Allergens & Additives Guidebook | Business Display

Project type:
Commission for German diner Grill-Center

Additional information:
This project involved creating a full corporate identity and branding for a German diner after digitally recreating a two decade old business logo. It further involved creating a website and all its contents (imagery and text) from scratch, product photography, stationery branding, package branding, creating a menu in print format, creating a guidebook for allergens and additives; and creating business displays. Below you will find more information to each product.


Menu cover ca. 1998 - only remaining logo of the business

This project involved taking a client’s business logo that was designed in 1994 and giving it a modern refresh. The only remaining reference image of the old logo is a small print on the cover of an old menu.


Using all my own designs, photographs and text, I created all content for the client’s website in German. All categories, pages and links were researched and built from scratch and put into an ASTRA WordPress theme.


Amongst rebranding the entire business, I was also commissioned to create a new digital and printed menu for the Grill-Center Brühl where I had to tackle retaking all imagery for their entire catalogue. For this I set up a neutral marble background, got props for the theme, and set up basic lighting.


This part of the project involved creating a colour scheme for the new corporate identity and integrating it into the stationery branding alongside the new logo. All elements were later arranged into a print ready format.


For the creation of a paper bag design I used a simplified version of the newly designed logo and a simple, elegant typeface. The design will be printed on recycled paper bags that will replace the business’ plastic bags in a bid to become more eco-friendly and for more sustainability.

- MENU -

Using all photographs I had taken of each item on the menu, I retouched selected photographs and arranged them in a layout I designed from start to finish. Each page of the menu features different elements that are held together by the colour scheme of the layout. In addition to all photographs and graphics, I have also written all text elements in both, German and English.


This project involved creating a list of all allergens and additives that may have been used in items on the menu, and presenting it in a visually concise layout that correlates with the client’s corporate identity according to the EU Food Information Regulation (German abbreviation LMIV Lebensmittelinformationsverordnung No. 1169/2011). These elements were then arranged into a print ready format in the form of a spiral bound guidebook.


This project involved using the recreated business logo of two decades and digitally redrawing it in a different setting. The idea was using the business’ mascot and putting it in a different setting, at the beach for a poster in print and in social media posts to announce the business’ annual holiday and closure times.


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Maria Eleftheriadou