Lina Ipatia Eleftheriadou

Illustration | Graphic Design | Photography


08/2006 - Present


Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Branding, Corporate Identity and Marketing Strategy end-to-end, Web Design and Website building

11/2017 - 02/2021

MelodyVR Ltd
Senior QC Operator

Conducting visual and auditory tests, approving incoming content consisting of 360 VR, as well as 2D footage by confirming specifications set by the department and industry standards;

Returning footage for re-work if necessary and providing documentation identifying issues;

Documenting and updating inspection results by completing logs and reports;

Applying the aforementioned steps for all content, both in VOD and in-app or web browser live-streamed content; and

Creating new workflows and log sheets for the Post Production process, as well as the Live Streaming process.


Creating XMLs by syncing footage and trimming it down to actual showtime in order to produce accurate time codes for track listing;

Researching artists, songs and lyrics;

Cross-referencing research results with footage, logs and show reports to confirm complete accuracy;

Creating track lists with individual in and out points using industry standard guidelines (iTunes Store and Apple Music) to ensure the right formatting and style guide is being used;

Communicating effectively and clearly through flagging all covers (non-original songs performed) and forwarding findings directly to the CMS team to liaise and revert the Licensing team; 

Determining product codes and all key information surrounding the product e.g. number and position names of angles and jump-spots, preview moments, duration of show, and special appearances;

Creating CMS information and logging it onto CMS platform;

Selecting show highlights to use for preview stills and video; and

Editing and uploading previews onto the CMS platform.


Data Management
Solely responsible for updating and maintaining the company’s Google Marketing Drive using a consistent folder and naming structure that is based on the company’s Post Production workflow;

Creating, editing, and formatting all stills in 2D as well as in 360 format and exporting them onto the Drive; and

Creating and copying over video content for marketing purposes.


EPK / Marketing Assets
Turning 360 footage into 2D content;

Reviewing shows to select key moments for promotional use on social media outlets;

Creating headtracked previews of shows that use a simulation of VR to demonstrate 360 content either for in-app previews or for social media posts e.g. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube; and

Creating stills of unique and memorable moments (interactions with cameras, bright lights, special effects, dynamic movement) in VR format that also fits into major social media outlets in order for artists to share with their following.

01/2013 - 02/2013

Absolute Post Ltd / Blind Pig
Workplacement alongside studies

Creating story- and moodboards for upcoming animation projects;

Preparing images for animation by retouching and isolating; and

Creating small animations in Adobe After Effects using my own designs.


09/2010 - 08/2013

Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design;
London Metropolitan University
London, UK

Certificate of completion:
BA (Hons) Illustration First Class Honours

08/2007 - 06/2008

Vocational College of Design
Cologne, Germany

Certificate of completion:
Fachhochschulreife 1.7 (2.1 equivalent)

08/2003 - 07/2006

Vocational College of Legal Studies
Cologne, Germany

Certificate of completion:
Trained Paralegal 2.6 (2.1 equivalent)

09/2002 - 07/2003

Vocational College of Business and Public Administration
Brühl, Germany

Certificate of completion:
Further Business Education 2.1
(2.1 equivalent)


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator


Excellent attention to detail;
Ability to conduct tasks in a precise manner;
Working autonomously;
Time and stress management;
Self-accountability over work; and
Constantly striving to improve.


German (native)
Greek (native)
English (fluent)


London, UK – June 14 – 23
Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design
“Cass/13 Degree Show”

London, UK – February 04 – 14
Brady Arts & Community Centre
“The Hidden City”

Cologne, Germany – March 05 – 07
Richard-Riemerschmid Berufskolleg Köln
“Art Convention 08, Design, Malerei, Handwerk”

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